I Have Two Words For You
By Jamie Dahl
She never expected to hear the word CANCER come from her doctors mouth. It hit like a sledgehammer on an otherwise perfect day. Jamie Dahl's story is that of a powerful but broken woman who learns that not every storm is meant to destroy us. Sometimes, God allows stormy winds to move us to a place of greater faith, deeper resolve, and unshakable determination. This story of healing, freedom, and faith will leave you believing that with God, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.
By Sheila Kelsey
Growing up in abuse and trauma,Sheila learned, at an early age, how to build emotional walls to protect her from the pain of molestation, abuse, domestic violence, and the trauma that comes after abortion. She suffered with shame, depression, and carried those emotions through multiple failed marriages and into her life as an adult. As you read the remarkable and notably miraculous story of Sheila Kelsey, you will believe that God has the ability to work all things, even the seemingly worst things, together for good when you put your faith and trust in God.
UNLEASHED and Anointed for Kingdom Business
By Staci Wallace
YOU ARE POWERFUL BEYOND WORDS and your life has the potential to leave a monumental imprint on this world. God wants to UNLEASH His miracle-working power through you at work, at home, and in everyday life. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, doctor, lawyer, student, author, speaker, or seeker, YOU + GOD is enough to turn any classroom, boardroom, courtroom, or home into a platform of notable miracles and supernatural favor. In Unleashed and Anointed for Kingdom Business, Staci Wallace gives you proven Biblical success strategies to help you increase your boldness in sharing your faith with others You will receive clear instructions on how to be unleashed and filled with the power of the Holy Spirit to take dominion over situations in everyday life.
Mission Possible
By Staci Wallace
Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? How do I learn to hear God's voice? What does it mean to be a Christian? Since the beginning of time, man has struggled with these questions and even doubted if it was possible, today, to live a life that reflects the very nature of Christ. But in this powerful 28-day devotional, Staci unveils the truth and helps readers recognize God's unique plan for their life and how to fulfill their divine purpose on earth.MISSION POSSIBLE is more than a Bible study. It is an in-depth, 10-week, life mastery course designed to help you KNOW GOD and dig deep into your behaviors, default emotions, and daily habits to see what it is that has been holding you back from knowing and UNLEASHING your fullest potential in the marketplace and world around you. (Forward by Zig Ziglar)
The Heart Attacked
By Terry Toler
The enemy knows that if he can attack you at the core of your most precious assets, he can render you ineffective in becoming the man or woman of God you are destined to be. In this powerful book, Terry Toler looks at how Satan comes to kill, steal, and destroy us in the areas of faith, finance, fitness, and family.  By creating a step-by-step solution for resisting the devil's attack, you can learn to live empowered by God's grace, free from all fear, and full of the Spirit in making life better for many.
How to Make More Than a Million Dollars
By Terry Toler
As a successful businessman who has raised up companies into the millions, Terry Toler offers a proven plan for achieving the ultimate pinnacles in life. Beyond mere success, you will discover, lies a life of meaningful significance where peace exceeds profits and joy usurps happiness. There is a life that can not be bought, nor can it be sold. In this compelling book, you will discover how to turn your daily grind into a daily search for kingdom blessings.
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